telemedicineThe emergence of PPACA has brought along a wave of new trends in the employee benefits industry. As we all know, the requirement for PPACA-compliant plans has forced employers to not only ensure employees’ plans meet those requirements, but also to offer benefits that go above and beyond the requirements in order to maintain employee retention. But there’s another trend that has been emerging and will potentially revolutionize employee benefits as we know it.

This year, most Americans will be covered under some form of healthcare, and as a result, a large wave of individuals who previously didn’t have the means to see a physician will now be able to visit the doctor more often than they used to. With this increased traffic in the doctor’s office, there will be less physician availability, meaning longer wait times to see a doctor, even for minor issues like a cold or flu. This trend is going to have huge implications in the employee benefits industry. Now the best plans and coverages will be meaningless if an employee is going to have difficulty accessing a doctor to use those benefits. Now having timely access to a doctor is going to be just as important as quality healthcare coverage. With employee benefits demands now shifting to physician access, what’s an employer to do?

Offer telemedicine. Through the use of telemedicine, employees can now visit with a doctor over the phone or webcam. The board-certified telemedicine doctors will review the employee’s symptoms, prescribe medication, and even send the employee for lab testing all within a brief 15-30 minute call. With telemedicine, now rather than struggling to get an in-person visit with a doctor, employees will be able to schedule an appointment quickly and at a time that is convenient for them. They can get the care they need when they need it in an efficient manner, and in a way that is cost-effective for them and for their employer.

And for employers? Well, there’s a lot of benefits for employers too. Because employees can visit with a doctor at any time of day and not miss work, employers will see a reduction in absenteeism and an increase of employee productivity. Because employees can visit with a telemedicine doctor for non-emergency issues, Employers can also see a reduction in ER visits and the associated costs. And finally, by giving employees convenient access to a physician, employers will be able to complement their employee benefits plans and meet what is quickly becoming a growing need in employee healthcare.

With constant changes from PPACA, it’s important that employers stay ahead of the game and be prepared to address the growing trends before they become a bigger issue. With telemedicine, employers can rest assured that employees have access to the care they need so they can make the most of their employer-sponsored coverage and keep healthcare costs down.

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