telemedicine-doctorsWe’ve already discussed how telemedicine will revolutionize employee benefits and how employee benefit packages are not just about coverage but also having ready access to a doctor. Using telemedicine, employees can have a telephonic visit with a physician at any time of day, providing convenient and efficient healthcare access for employees.

But what’s in it for employers? The benefits for employers are numerous, and below are HPS’ top 10 reasons employers should offer telemedicine.

  1. Reduces employee absenteeism. When you factor in the time employees spend scheduling an appointment, driving to the doctor’s office, waiting in the waiting room, actually visiting with the doctor, and then driving back to work, that adds up to a lot of time the employee has missed work. However, with telemedicine, appointments are available 24/7, last 10-15 minutes, and employees can  conduct the visit from home or even from work during their lunch or other break period. As a result, offering telemedicine can greatly reduce the amount of absenteeism caused by physically visiting with a doctor for non-emergency issues.
  2. Costs less than most office visits. Many employees won’t go to the doctor when they are sick because the cost of healthcare is high. With telemedicine, over-the phone visits are typically free, and the cost of a webcam visit is lower than an office visit copay. Plus, doing a telemedicine visit eliminates transportation costs needed for seeing the doctor. As a result, by using telemedicine, the cost of visiting the doctor is no longer an object.
  3. Accepts HSA, FSA or HRAs to pay for webcam visits. By using these healthcare accounts to pay for webcam visits, employees can take advantage of the associated tax benefits, making paying for their visit even that much more appealing.
  4. Submits Prescription or Lab Requests for the Employee. Beyond simply visiting with the employee, telemedicine physicians can send prescription requests to the employee’s pharmacy and also send them for lab testing. This will help the employee get what they need to feel better in a quick and efficient manner.
  5. Increases employee productivity. Employees who are sick at work are more distracted and less productive. But guess what? If they’re sick at work, they could be passing the sickness onto their coworkers, making those employees less productive too. By giving convenient and cost-effective physician access to employees, they can be on the road to recovery faster. This can help limit the spread of sickness within the office, increasing productivity all around.
  6. Allows employees traveling or working internationally to access a doctor. When traveling or working overseas, finding healthcare can be very difficult and expensive. However, with telemedicine, employees can easily and cost-effectively get the care they need without the hassle of trying to find a local doctor.
  7. Provides healthcare resources for employees’ families. Employees don’t just miss work when they are sick; many times they have to miss work to bring a sick family member to the doctor. Using telemedicine, employees and family members can visit with a doctor from the comfort of their own home, saving them stress, transportation costs, and time away from work.
  8. Reduces ER visits. Going to the ER for non-emergency issues gets expensive real fast. By offering a more convenient, less expensive healthcare option, employees will be less inclined to go to the ER, cutting down on incoming ER bills you receive.
  9. Lowers healthcare spending. Ultimately, employees who get the care they need when they need it will be healthier and require less healthcare spending. For self-funded employers, the resulting savings will go straight to the bottom line, and for employers with fully insured plans, the savings will contribute to lower monthly premiums. Either way, healthier employees can lower healthcare costs in the long run.
  10. Completes your employee benefits offering. As PPACA continues to evolve, physicians will be in shorter supply. As a result, employee benefits will no longer be just about having good coverage; it’ll also about having quick access to a doctor when employees need it. By offering telemedicine, you’ll be able to fulfill a growing need in healthcare and build the value of your benefits plan.

Telemedicine is easy and efficient to use and to roll out for employers. To see a demo and learn more about how telemedicine can benefit employers, contact our Sales Department.