Health Portal Solutions consolidates data from different systems into one, seamless online portal. In doing this, HPS connects data, individuals, and healthcare entities worldwide so they can access and share
the information that is relevant to them.

How does this benefit your company? Outlined below are the top 10 ways Health Portal Solutions can help your business:

  1. Get Organized – Being organized leads to better efficiency. As a result, consolidating all your data into one place centralizes your team’s access to information and organizes how it is used. This can improve the speed and efficiency with which you serve your customers.
  2. Make Data Access Easy – Rather than logging into multiple sites for information (one for claims, one for RX info, one for enrollment, etc.), your users log into one. Making data access easier for stakeholders will create more favorable interactions with your company, whether it be in your web portal or mobile solution.
  3. Streamline Business Operations – By converting paper tasks such as enrollment and pre-authorizations into online processes, your company can save paper, reduce administrative hassles, and make those business processes more efficient.
  4. Communication – Communication is important; communicating relevant information in a secure manner is essential. Using HPS’ solutions for secure email, live chat, and data lookup, you can communicate and share relevant information with the parties that need it.
  5. Serve Customers – Providing stakeholders online data access, analytical reporting, health & wellness resources, and other tools helps them manage their healthcare efforts. It can also give your team useful resources for its Customer Service activities.
  6. Save Money and Resources – By making information available online or in your mobile solution, users can access those tools for information rather than calling. By turning paper processes into electronic ones, your staff can spend less time handling paper and manually keying in information. All of this saves your company time, money, and allows your staff to focus on more important tasks.
  7. Foster a Culture of Good Health– It takes more than healthcare data to improve someone’s health. Using HPS’ Health & Wellness solutions, individuals can also access health tips & videos, wellness programs, healthcare advocacy services, telemedicine, and other resources that can help them improve personal health and ultimately lower their healthcare spending. This helps your company foster a culture of good health among your customers and other stakeholders.
  8. Strengthen Your Company’s Brand – HPS’ web portal and mobile solutions are privately branded with your company’s logo and colors. This allows your company to strengthen its brand presence and the number of interactions with your company’s brand.
  9. Promote Your Business – Your web portal & mobile app add “sizzle” to the other services you provide and make your business more appealing to potential customers. HPS provides private labeled marketing materials to help you promote your web and mobile solutions as part of your overall business offering.
  10. Build the Value of Your Business – By streamlining your business processes, bolstering your customer service efforts, and building a strong brand presence through your web portal and mobile app, you’ll build the perceived value of your business.

To see firsthand how Health Portal Solutions has helped organizations like yours, request an online demo.