RxPrescription data can be integrated into a portal and displayed online, but it shouldn’t just be for display only. There are many ways to harness prescription information in a way that’s useful for coordinating care, payment, and healthcare spending control. Outlined below are four of our favorites.

Printable Prescription History

Many of us share the dread of preparing for a doctor’s visit and making a list of prescription drugs we’re using. Many of us know the frustration of hunting down all the prescriptions we use (if we can find them) and writing a list of the drug names, dosage amounts, and number of refills left. Making this data available online alleviates these challenges because rather than manually making out a list, patients can simply print a list from their portal and take it to the doctor. Or even better, they can access that list from their mobile phone and show that at the doctor.

Paperless Rx Pre-authorization Requests

Requesting and processing Rx pre-authorizations can be a very time-consuming task that slows down care coordination. However, by making it electronic, physicians can submit their requests to the Payer online, the Payer can import auth info into their system for approvals, and then automatically update the portal with new data about the auth. An electronic Rx Pre-authorization process can not only save time, paper, and manual data entry, but can also ensure a more timely care coordination process.

Online Prescription Search

When patients look at their list of prescriptions online, it would also be helpful to have quick access to information about a drug’s side effects, impact on other prescriptions they’re taking, and questions they should ask their doctor. Physicians on the other hand need to be prepared to address questions and concerns a patient has about new drugs being prescribed to them. Using the online Prescription Search tool, both physicians and patients can satisfy those needs and get the right information in order to have a more meaningful discussion about which Rx options are best.

Analytical Prescription Reports

At a time when Payers and Employers are trying to reduce healthcare costs, prescription spending is an important cost driver to consider. By organizing prescription data into online reports, Payers and Employers can better understand healthcare spending for certain drugs, spending for generic vs. name brand prescriptions, or even prescription savings that have been achieved. This turns prescription data into meaningful and actionable information that can be used to improve healthcare plan management.

In today’s healthcare environment, there is a growing need for making healthcare data more meaningful to those accessing it. By implementing these types of tools with your prescription data, your company will be on its way to turning your data into something that is meaningful and useful for your stakeholders.

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