HotSummerJust as students enjoying summer know that back-to-school season is around the corner, Employers and Payers know that enrollment season will come sooner than they think. Because fall enrollment always seems to come so fast, summer is a great time to start preparing your portal for the upcoming enrollment activities. To help you with this, HPS has outlined some tips to help you get ready for enrollment season and to make the upcoming one the best yet!

Get Training on Your Online Enrollment Tool

Many students do summer school or workshops so they can be ready for the next school year. In the same way, use your summer to get training or refresher courses about how to use and manage your online enrollment tool. HPS’ Support Team is more than willing to provide training and to help your staff brush up on its online enrollment knowledge, so take advantage of it. This will help your company be ready to go with online enrollment when the time comes.

Start Making Online Enrollment Settings Now

For those of you who have waited ‘till the last minute to do back-to-school shopping, you know how hectic and stressful that can be. Don’t let your enrollment season be the same way. Use your summer time to build or adjust your online enrollment settings so you’re not rushing at the last minute come fall. Make sure your online enrollment forms are complete, plan tables are correct, and that online enrollment is available to the users who will need it. And don’t forget to contact the HPS Support Team if you have questions. By putting your online enrollment ducks in a row now, you’ll be less stressed come enrollment season.

Plan How You’ll Get the Word Out

Once your online enrollment is set up and ready to go, take some time to plan how you will promote your online enrollment portal to those enrolling. And don’t forget to include dependents in those communications. According to MetLife’s 12th Annual Employee Benefits Trends Survey, 60% of people surveyed preferred to discuss enrollment options at home with their spouse while referencing the company benefits website. So make sure dependents know about online enrollment, since they will be part of the decision making. And of course, if you need ideas or private-labeled materials for promoting your online enrollment tool, contact the HPS Marketing Department.

Rest Up

Once you’ve gotten your training, prepared your online enrollment settings, and ironed out your communication strategy, take some time to rest. Fall enrollment season will still be busy, but you can be at ease knowing your online enrollment tasks are already taken care of.

To learn more about HPS’ Online Enrollment, to schedule training with our Support Team, or to request private-labeled materials you can use, contact us.