payer-communicationEach week, Payers are inundated with phone calls and emails from different stakeholders requesting information. Responding to each these requests can be a very time-consuming process, and we all know that stakeholders don’t like to wait for answers to questions.

Your portal is not only important for displaying data online, but also for communicating with your stakeholders. Outlined below are the top ways you can use your portal for customer communications, so you can save time, paper, and make your customer service efforts more effective.

Live Chat – The average customer service call takes almost 5 minutes, making it time consuming and costly for Payers. Using web portal live chat, your customer service team can respond to inquiries from users real-time via instant messaging, rather than over the phone. By encouraging users to contact you online via live chat with questions about claim status, eligibility, and other issues, your company can cut down on call volumes and time spent on the phone. Plus, by doing all this within your HIPAA-compliant portal, you can ensure that communications stay secure and permanently recorded for future reference.

Secure Email – When it comes to sending important documents or confidential information, one can never be too careful. As a result, use the portal’s secure email to communicate one on one with individual plan members, providers, and other parties, whether it be about benefit plan choices, claims & eligibility, or sending documentation to complete an enrollment. And just like live chat, secure email is HIPAA compliant, so what’s emailed in the portal stays in the portal.

Company News Slideshow – Do you need to post different messages for plan members, employers, providers, and brokers? Add announcements, notes, and reminders to your portal’s company news slideshow in an eye-catching graphic format that users will see immediately after they log in. Turn certain updates on or off for individual groups and security levels, so messages only display for users who would find them relevant. Whether it’s reminders about open enrollment, a new benefit offering, or industry news, you can make sure that users see the information that’s pertinent to them and to your company.

Online Documents – Getting the right forms and documents to plan members, providers, brokers, and employers can be difficult to keep track of and uses a lot of paper and mailing resources. Distribute forms in an easier and cheaper way with online document management. Using the portal, you can simply upload documents, forms, and plan information for users to access when it’s convenient for them. You can also control which documents display for certain stakeholders, ensuring they only see what’s applicable to them.

Portal Promotional Materials – All of the above is great, but how will stakeholders use those online tools if they don’t know what the portal does or how to access it? Fortunately, HPS creates private-labeled promotional materials your company can use to educate users about the portal and how to access it. This will save you time from creating materials yourself so you can focus more on serving your customers.

There definitely is a better way to communicate different messages to different stakeholders in a way that’s consistent and secure. By using your web portal to organize and target your efforts, you’ll save time and communicate in a way that’s more effective.

To learn more and see firsthand how Payers use HPS web and mobile solutions for benefit communications, contact us.