employer-commuincationHR departments have many things to communicate about. Whether it’s employee benefit plans, wellness programs, upcoming training, or company events, HR is burdened with trying to communicate numerous things to different people in a way that’s consistent. And if that weren’t enough, HR also has to address the barrage of questions that come up as a result. Because it’s difficult to balance these various efforts, the question becomes whether there’s a way to centralize employee communications.

In a word, the answer is “yes”, and below are five ways that you can use your web portal to manage and organize employee communications.

Company News Slideshow – What are the top 4 things your employees need to know about their benefits, wellness program, or your company? By adding updates, notes, and reminders to your portal’s company news slideshow, employees will see the latest company news immediately after they log in. So whether it’s updates about open enrollment, employee trainings, or company picnics, you can make sure that employees see the information in an eye-catching format that’s pertinent to them and to your company.

Online Documents – Sometimes there’s more to say about a certain topic than can fit in a quick announcement. Other times, multiple emails with multiple attachments can be confusing for employees to sift through. To overcome both these issues, simply upload documents, forms, and training materials to your portal. This lets employees and even their spouses access important information at a time that’s convenient for them. You can also control which documents display for certain employees, ensuring they only see what’s relevant to them.

Secure Email – When it comes to sharing important documents or confidential information, one can never be too careful. As a result, use the portal’s secure email to communicate one on one with individual employees, whether it be about benefit plan choices, drug test results, or sending birth certificates to complete an enrollment. By doing all this within your HIPAA-compliant portal, you can ensure that communications stay secure and permanently recorded for future reference.

Live Chat – How many times has a “quick question” tied you up for 15 minutes? Using web portal live chat, you really can keep quick questions quick because you can respond via instant messaging, rather than in person, where you’ll risk one question turning into a meeting or long chat about the weather. Encourage employees to contact you online via live chat with questions about employee trainings, benefit plans, wellness programs, and other items. And just like secure email, live chat is HIPAA compliant, so what’s chatted in the portal stays in the portal.

Portal Promotional Materials – All of the above is great, but how will employees use those tools if they don’t know what the portal does or how to access it? Fortunately, HPS creates private-labeled promotional materials your company can use to educate employees about the portal and how to access it. This will save you time from creating materials yourself so you can focus more on your employee communications.

There definitely is a better way to communicate various messages to different employees in a way that’s consistent and secure. By using your web portal to organize and target your efforts, you’ll save time and communicate in a way that’s more effective.

To learn more and see firsthand how companies use HPS web and mobile solutions for employee communications, contact us.