OnlineEnrollmentCircleEnrollment season is often described as being painful, inefficient, and difficult. Many times it is known for stacks of paper, incomplete enrollment forms, and seemingly endless keying in of eligibility data. However, through the use of online enrollment, enrollment season can be much easier for your company and everyone else involved. Below are just seven ways that HPS online enrollment can make your next enrollment season the best one yet.

  1.  Easy Setup – HPS provides a step-by-step process for your company to get your online enrollment up and running. As part of this, you can decide who will need access to your enrollment tool and what online enrollment forms they’re able to view. This ensures that your users only see the enrollment tools that are relevant to them.
  2. 24/7 Access – A recent MetLife survey showed that 60% of employees surveyed prefer to discuss benefit options at home with a spouse while referencing the company benefits website. It also found that almost 70% of tech-savvy millennial workers prefer to review benefits information at home. Employees want to address enrollment when it’s convenient, and many of them want to consult with a spouse before enrolling. As a result, 24/7 access to your online enrollment portal satisfies the needs of both.
  3. Less Paperwork – With paper enrollment, employees often find themselves filling out their demographic information three or four times by the time they’re done. Because HPS online enrollment uses data from your eligibility files, a lot of the online enrollment forms are already filled out with the employee’s saved information. This streamlines the online enrollment process, making it quick and easy for enrollees.
  4. Easier Decisions – Let’s face it – sometimes the easiest way to select the right coverage is through process of elimination. When it comes to selecting their coverage online, enrollees only see the coverages that are applicable to them. This narrows down their selection considerably and makes it much easier for the enrollee to elect what coverages they need and finish their enrollment.
  5. Knowing the Costs – In the age of consumer-driven healthcare, enrollees are becoming more cost-conscious when it comes to their health spending. With online enrollment, once a user has selected their coverages online, they’ll be able to see how much will be deducted from their paycheck. This allows them to understand their costs before submitting their enrollment application.
  6. Staying Up-to-Date – Users get email notifications when important enrollment activities happen. Enrollees are notified when their enrollment has been approved, HR is alerted when their census reports are ready, and your company is informed when enrollment data is ready for your review. As a result, you and your stakeholders can easily stay updated about the latest enrollment activities.
  7. Efficiently Transfer the Data – Once enrollments are submitted, the portal allows your team to download all the new enrollment data and import it back into your claim, payroll, or carrier system. This saves you from manually keying in enrollment data and makes the benefit plan enrollment process more efficient.

Online enrollment is easy to manage, use, and implement. To learn more about making this year’s enrollment season a success, check out our tips for preparing for enrollment season.