shutterstock_80913724When it comes to portals and mobile apps, it’s not just important to have great technology. It’s also essential that people log in and use the technology regularly. The level of portal use really defines how successful it is and how much ROI the client achieves.

As a result, beyond just providing portals and mobile apps, Health Portal Solutions (HPS) also creates private-labeled marketing materials clients can use to promote their technology and encourage people to use it. These materials help clients roll out their portal for the first time, announce new features, remind users to log in, and also build the value of their business offering. HPS supports its clients with portal promotion in many ways, but here are just a few examples.

It All Starts with Training
To get clients started with using their marketing materials, HPS equips clients with guides that inform them about best-practices for promoting the portal and using the customized marketing materials. HPS Marketing Guides give valuable insight about how to educate users about the portal, mobile app, wellness tools, and other portal-related features. These guides also include customer service scripts, checklists, and reference information for the client’s staff.

Friendly Reminders
Getting the word out about the portal or mobile app is not just a one-time task. In order to get users logging in regularly, they must be reminded about what the portal offers and how it can benefit them. To help clients with this process, HPS creates a variety of print and electronic materials to encourage regular logins to the portal. These private-labeled materials include flyers, posters, email campaigns, graphics, press releases, social media tools, tutorials, and more. These friendly reminders can help clients keep users engaged and logging in on a regular basis.

Helping You Sell
Because the portal builds the value of the client’s business and services, HPS offers resources clients can use to promote the portal on the sales side. Whether it’s PowerPoint presentations, RFI and RFP responses, or demos for potential clients, HPS can contribute the information and materials needed to help clients win new business and set themselves apart from the competition.

By providing technology and resources to drive use of that technology, HPS offers a comprehensive solution that helps clients achieve a strong ROI. Letting HPS prepare materials for promoting the portal saves clients time, money, and helps them get the word out about the portal quickly and easily.

If you have any questions about customized marketing tools from HPS, please contact us.