Companies are often trying to speak their stakeholders’ language through engaging and exciting communications. But when a Language Image Headercompany has especially important information to share about healthcare, it is vital that they speak the users’ language – literally.

HPS web portals help companies share information that is relevant to the people logging in and in a way that they understand. Though communicating in different languages can seem intimidating, the HPS portal makes it easy for you to reach your stakeholders in the language that they speak.


Here are 5 ways the HPS web portal can strengthen your company’s multilingual communication:

  1. Translating the language in your portal – The words on web portal tabs, headers, footers, and pages can all be translated to other languages. This makes it easier for your users to navigate the portal and find the information they need.
  2. Select preferred language – Users can choose which language they’d like to display in the portal, ensuring their portal is personalized to fit their needs. This can also reduce the number of calls and emails you receive from users who can’t speak the language that is in the portal.
  3. Displaying multilingual data – If you have data that is currently in other languages, that data can be imported and displayed online. This ensures that all relevant information – including multilingual data – is available online for the appropriate parties to review.
  4. Multilanguage documents – Have numerous versions of a document that are in different languages? Upload those to the portal so that users can download the document that’s in the language they’re most comfortable with.
  5. Live Chat Translation Web portal live chat allows users to communicate with your team online using secure instant messaging. Live chat can automatically translate messages that are in another language, enabling your team to easily communicate with users who speak another language.

By using the web portal as a means to communicate in different languages, it will be easier for your company to get the right information to the people who need it. However, it also builds your company’s reputation as being one that cares enough about its customers’ culture to ensure the information they view is in the language they speak.

For more information about HPS’ Multilanguage portal capabilities, please contact us.