With the emergence of more high deductible plans, a growing number of employers are beginning to offer complementary healthcare advocacy services to their employee base. Also known as “patient advocacy”, these programs support employees by helping them get the most out of their health plan and by doing some of the legwork associated with managing their healthcare activities.healthcareadvocacy

These services provide numerous advantages to employers; however, with support from HPS, healthcare advocacy programs can also offer important benefits to Payers. Here are 4 ways healthcare advocacy can reduce Payer costs and generate revenue.

  • Taking Plan-Related Questions – Healthcare advocacy services specialize in helping plan members understand their healthcare plan and the various options available. As a result, rather than having your Customer Service team consult with members about their plan options, calls related to plan questions can be transferred directly to a health advocate to address. This can save your Customer Service team’s time and efforts and allow them to focus on other important tasks.
  • Conserving Vendor Coordination Efforts – In order for the advocacy service to answer plan questions, resolve a claim error, explain treatment options, or estimate healthcare costs, it will need information about the member’s plan or current healthcare activity. Because this information is hosted in your portal, HPS can securely share this with the advocacy service on your company’s behalf. So whether it’s a basic eligibility file, plan documents, or other healthcare information, HPS can coordinate secure data sharing with your HA service, conserving your company’s time and efforts.
  • Generating New Revenue as an Add-On Service – As roll out of high deductible plans increases and the demand for advocacy programs grows, these services can be a valuable complementary product to offer with your high deductible plans. By partnering with an advocacy service, your company can generate new revenue by reselling the service to the growing number of employers who need it.
  • Organizing Your Solutions Online – As is the case with other healthcare vendors you work with, advocacy services can be integrated into your web portal. This allows plan members to access the advocacy service along with other health and wellness tools without remembering a separate username and password. However, it also ensures that all the information and services you offer are organized online with your company’s branding front and center.

Healthcare advocacy services offer numerous ways for Payers to conserve Customer Service efforts and generate new revenue. Plus, by integrating with the advocacy service of your choice, HPS helps Payers save vendor coordination efforts and create a cohesive way of presenting your healthcare resources to users through the web portal.

To learn more about healthcare advocacy or see a demo of our advocacy integration, please contact us.