Last month, we highlighted some popular benefit programs to complement your 2016 employee benefit plans. These programs focused on personalized support to keep employees healthy and organized when managing family healthcare. But what about when an employee gets sick and needs care? And what if an employee isn’t ready for personalized wellness programs and wants to start with high-level wellness education?

This month we’re highlighting solutions that will meet the needs of employees when they get sick and educate them when it’s time to research their diagnosis or start on the path to better health. These programs also serve as great additions to employee benefits plans, and as you’ll see, these solutions not only will engage employees, but can also provide employers cost savings too.


  1. Telemedicine: Telemedicine is rapidly growing in popularity because of its ability to provide convenient healthcare to employees at a low cost. In fact, according to FierceHealthIT, demand for telemedicine is projected to grow by 18.4% each year through 2020. Because of the numerous cost-saving benefits telemedicine offers to employers, telemedicine programs are quickly becoming a part of employee benefits plans and benefits portals.
  2. Health Tips & Videos: Very often, it’s hard forHealth Video employees to take in large amounts of health & wellness information all at once. Many times, the road to better health starts with taking small steps that ultimately progress into bigger ones. By partnering with health & wellness content providers, HPS keeps your portal up-to-date with daily health news, tips, and videos. This fresh content gives employees practical tips for meeting personal nutrition, fitness, and social wellness goals. However, it also saves HR from developing and distributing its own health tips and it helps employees start with small steps to improving their personal health.
  3. (Your vendor name here): Many employers currently work with health & wellness program providers and prefer to use those vendors for their employee benefits initiatives. If that’s the case, it’s no problem! HPS specializes in integrating whatever vendors you use into a single portal that is easy to access. This ensures that those programs are easy to access and are presented within the consistency of your company brand.


Whatever programs you’re adding to your 2016 benefits plan, remember that they can and should be added to your portal too. By consolidating all employee benefits programs and vendors into your portal, your company has the ability to present them all in a way that is engaging, easy to access, and that builds the value of your company benefits plan.

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