Do it yourself (DIY) is one of the latest trends going on around us. Whether it’s home renovations, restoring a car, or crafts, the ability for someone to do something themselves is becoming highly valued.

The need for DIY in healthcare is also growing not only as a desire, but as a necessity. The ability for your company’s stakeholders to do certain activities themselves is not just a bonus for them, but can also provide a number of cost and time savings for your business.

The HPS portal lets your users conduct a number of tasks by themselves online without the involvement of your staff. Below is an overview of the types of people who access the portal, and how your company can enable DIY for these parties in your area of the healthcare realm.



In the age of consumer-directed healthcare, plan members are expected to take more responsibility for managing their healthcare and staying informed about their health. Using the portal, members have an easy way to go online to check their claim status, look up their list of prescriptions, or see how close they are to meeting their deductible. They can even print an ID card or search for a doctor covered under their plan. Whatever the case may be, members can do these DIY activities at their convenience, 24/7, and without the involvement of your customer service staff.



With the growing demands placed on providers, time is at a premium, and they don’t have time to spend calling and waiting on hold in order to do simple healthcare tasks. As a result, the portal is a key tool for providers to get the information they need quickly, whether it’s verifying patient eligibility or checking the status of a claim. Providers can efficiently email your team to inquire about payment or submit an online pre-authorization. By using the portal, providers can quickly log in, get their DIY tasks done, and log out to return to their patients.


Employers and Brokers

Employers and Brokers know the hassle of organizing and tracking stacks of paper enrollment forms so they can be turned in to you. But you also know the hassle of manually keying in all of that enrollment information. Through the portal, employers and brokers can conduct a number of DIY tasks such as running reports, checking eligibility, and filling out enrollment forms. These tasks not only enable easier workflows for the user, but also enable automation with your business processes.


Stop Loss Carriers & Underwriters

These stakeholders don’t like waiting on your company for a report any more than you like having people waiting for you to provide one. Through the portal however, these key parties can retrieve important reports whenever they need to on a DIY basis. The portal generates reports using your data, and these can be run on-demand by your carriers and underwriters and then saved, downloaded, or archived. These DIY capabilities are time savers for both the end users and your team.


Online DIY capabilities are not just beneficial for the parties listed above, but also for your company. By providing online DIY for important healthcare tasks, your company can reduce incoming phone calls, improve process automation, and streamline your communications.

Contact us to learn more about how you company can provide DIY tools for your stakeholders, and stay tuned to learn about the DIY tools that are available to your team!