In our last blog, we discussed how the HPS web portal enables your members, providers, and other stakeholders to conduct healthcare activities online in a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) manner. However, there are also numerous DIY tools that your team can use to share information efficiently with your end users. These tools are easy to use and don’t require the involvement of your IT Department. Here are the top DIY tools available to HPS clients:

Content Management

Whether it’s enrollment reminders, holiday notices, or information about new products, the web portal Content Management tools enable you to share these details in a targeted way. Your team can easily post important reminders and announcements online in the form of slide shows, scrolling banner text, and by other visual means. These messages can be targeted by user type or customer, enabling the messaging to be relevant to the end user who is reading it.

ID Card Template Editor

The web portal enables plan members to print an ID card online, and the card they print is configurable by your staff. Using the ID Card Template Editor, your team can change the verbiage, links, logos, and network information that appear on the printable ID cards. Different templates can even be created for your individual customers, ensuring relevant display of information specific to those clients. Your team can simply copy and paste an ID card template and then edit the copied template, helping you to efficiently create cards for individual clients without having to start from scratch every time.

Online Help

Need to share FAQs or information to address users’ needs? The Online Help Editor empowers your team to post online help content for your users in order to address questions before they’re asked. Help content can be posted on any page in the web portal and can be targeted by client or by user type. So whether it’s customer service details, guidance for enrollment season, or information about web portal tools, your team can share these details quickly and efficiently.

Logo Editor

Though the portal is privately-branded for our clients, oftentimes your customers will want to see their own logo displayed online. The Logo Editor allows your team to quickly upload a customer logo into the header or footer of the web portal. Then when users associated with that customer log in, they will see branding specific to them. The Logo Editor is great for easily branding the web portal specific to your customers or even to your company’s blocks of business.

Document Management

When it comes to healthcare, there are always documents and forms involved. In most cases, there are newsletters, notices, and educational materials involved too. Using the portal Document Management tool, your team can efficiently upload and share important documents with the users who need to access them. Document access can be controlled by user type, by client group, effective date, language, and other factors, enabling your company to share documents in a timely, relevant manner.


Your team isn’t limited by just the DIY tools listed here, and in fact the ones listed above are just a few of the many DIY tools available to HPS clients. Contact us to learn more about how your team can use online DIY tools to efficiently manage your business online.