Our Clients

About Our Clients

Health Portal Solutions serves a variety of different clients in the healthcare industry. Here are just a few examples of how HPS’ portal solutions support our diverse client base.

Healthcare Payers are focused on reducing customer service call volumes and securely and automatically sharing data amongst stakeholders. Using the HPS web portal, Payers reduce call volumes because most of the information requested on each call is available online 24/7. In addition, by sharing documents, reports, and other company updates securely through the portal, Payers spend less time distributing that information manually or in ways that are less secure.

Employers are bearing more responsibility for managing employee benefits profitably and in a way that complies with PPACA legislation. The HPS web portal not only streamlines employee benefits management and communication behind one login, but also does so securely and in compliance with HIPAA. The portal also allows Employers to offer supplemental employee “perks” by including online health & fitness tools, wellness programs and other interactive resources for employees.

Hospitals’ main objective is to consolidate and transfer data securely in order to facilitate patient care and their own employees’ benefits. Hospitals are also under pressure to abide by the Meaningful Use objectives, ICD-10 diagnosis code changes, and other federal legislation. The HPS web portal helps hospitals achieve this by not only allowing them to manage and coordinate employee benefits efforts, but also to integrate data, health and wellness programs, and other resources to aid in patient care.

Governmental Payers are tasked with organizing plan management activities for Medicare, Medicaid, and other government-sponsored plans. Using the HPS web portal, these entities efficiently enroll members, communicate with providers, and give self-service access to claims and patient eligibility. This enables the Payer to manage plan activities in a way that is secure and compliant with HIPAA and other federal legislation.

Unions use the HPS web portal to communicate and organize benefit plan activity for members worldwide. Through secure email or by sharing documents, updates, and news online, unions can efficiently communicate with members working both domestically and abroad. The portal also provides members 24/7 access to their benefits, claims, and wellness programs so they can manage their healthcare and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

International Healthcare Payers add value to their company’s services and differentiate themselves from competition using their privately-branded web portal. By offering self-service access to data, plan information, and claim submission tools online, companies can serve and communicate with customers more efficiently. International Payers also use the HPS web portal to automate business workflows that deliver stronger coordination of care.

Client Testimonials

HPS offers our clients an unrivaled and comprehensive service with continued technical support. See what our clients have to say below.

Our company is a heavy user of HPS’ Online Enrollment, and we consider it an essential part of our business operations. It’s easy to navigate, integrates seamlessly with our claim system, and accommodates the needs of our most complex benefit plans. Our members, employers, brokers, and internal staff find it very easy to use and beneficial to the enrollment process.

Kirk Hopkins

HealthFirst TPA

Seafarers International Union has been a Health Portal Solutions client since 2007 and we rely on their web portal to communicate with our union members who work domestically and internationally. HPS worked diligently with us to organize many of our union benefit programs within the web portal and their Support Team is always a call away for help. The Support Team is professional and very easy to work with!

Donato Danzi

Seafarers International Union

Working with the team at Health Portal Solutions has been a very good experience and they have walked me “personally” through many steps that were not exactly easy for me.  Not being a true “data person” but a very seasoned Third Party Administration Director, it was extremely helpful to have knowledgeable and patient system/reporting individuals to help me.  I would highly recommend HPS’ services.

Director of Operations

South Carolina TPA

The health portal product supported by Health Portal Solutions is an excellent tool allowing integration of health claims data from multiple vendors on one website. The technical and support staff of HPS are extremely knowledgeable, excellent to work with, and are very dedicated to taking care of the customers.

Director of Client Services and Finance

Oklahoma TPA

We value our relationship with Health Portal Solutions and have been an HPS client since 2006. Our web portal is an essential tool for our customer service efforts and communicating with our business partners and their employees.  We enjoy a very good partnership with the HPS team and appreciate their support as our company continues to grow.

Kris Smith

INTEGRA Administrative Group, Inc.