Social Media Policy

Social Media Policy for Health Portal Solutions

The purpose of our social networking pages are to provide a two-way and informational communication with those whom have an interest in our company. You may find the following social networking sites below:

  1. The purpose of our social networking pages are to create a dialogue and reach out to professionals in the health information technology arena and across the internet to interested parties. We offer many over-the-web meetings, demonstrations, and events that we can supplement using these pages and tools. We will make every effort to provide you with meaningful, pertinent information about solutions and industry standards as knowledgeable forces in the world of Health Information Technology.
  2. Comments, posts, and other submitted content by our audience will not have to go through a moderation stage, however, comments that use profane language are subject to deletion. Posts that are obvious misappropriations of the Health Portal Solutions mission are also subject to deletion.
  3. As part of our customer service principles, we will also make it point to respond to your comments, concerns, and questions in a timely manner during our normal working hours. Communications outside normal working hours will be addressed at our convenience or when normal working hours resume.
  4. We will make every effort to preserve your identity as either an individual or an organization. More information about information privacy can be found on our privacy page.

The rules applicable to our social media areas on the internet are subject to change if situations arise. We appreciate any feedback you may have.