Reliable and cost effective information sharing

Health Portal Solutions’ integrated faxback solution makes provider services easy.

Our Faxback solution enhances communication between Providers and Payers by allowing Providers to initiate self service faxback requests for claim status and verification of benefits.

Faxback eliminates the need for costly computer hardware and an internal phone system because the service is streamlined through your HPS web portal. By using an ASP model tied to a National Call Center Network, users no longer receive busy signals during peak traffic hours and service outages are virtually eliminated. Faxback is easy to use, secure and lowers your monthly costs by reducing provider calls for claims and eligibility.

Health Portal Solutions’ streamlines your provider communications saving you time and money.

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Faxback Benefits:

  • Reduces Provider Call Volume
  • Easy to Use
  • Secure
  • No Hardware Required
  • Integrated with Your Web Portal
  • No Busy Signals