Solutions for Healthcare Payers

Healthcare Payer Portals are key tools for managing multiple benefit plans and efficiently communicating with the stakeholders that interact with your company.

These web portals consolidate data from disparate payer systems, allowing you to offer a self-service portal that your plan members, providers, internal staff, and other key parties can use to access the information they need. This valuable tool not only streamlines your internal operations, but also allows your company to efficiently communicate with all parties of interest.

Healthcare Payer Portals:

  • Reduce Incoming Call Volume
  • Streamline Enrollment Processes
  • Provide Easy Analysis of Healthcare Costs
  • Enhance the Marketability of Your Business
  • Strengthen Communication with Stakeholders

Health Portal Solutions (HPS) has over 15 years of experience developing and supporting web portals that can streamline your business operations and enhance communication with all parties of interest. Solutions include:

  • Claims data lookup and member eligibility review
  • An integrated IVR FaxBack system for eligibility and claims status response
  • Consumer-directed health and wellness tools
  • Analytical, financial, demographic, and diagnosis reporting
  • Paperless online enrollment

By giving stakeholders 24/7, self-service access to their information, you can conserve your team’s time and resources and boost the reach of your Customer Service efforts.

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