Healthcare Advocacy

Sol-HealthAdvocacyMake healthcare simple and cost-effective

HPS has integrated health advocacy services into its portals, providing employees valuable assistance with clinical and administrative issues related to their medical, pharmacy, hospital, dental and other healthcare needs. Employees can access healthcare advocacy services through your HPS web portal 24/7. This technology helps them get assistance with insurance claims and billing, finding the right hospitals and doctors, healthcare coaching, and finding other information and resources.

Offering healthcare advocacy services to employees ensures that they will receive quality care and understandable information. It also puts employees at ease and reduces time lost seeking solutions, allowing them to remain fully productive in the workplace. For employers, these services reduce healthcare costs and create greater savings.

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Services Include:

  • Navigating an Insurance Plan
  • Estimating Healthcare Costs
  • Understanding Treatment Options
  • Finding Doctors & Hospitals
  • Scheduling Appointments
  • Transferring Medical Records
  • Resolving Claims & Billing Errors
  • Securing Second Opinions
  • Assisting with Eldercare