Online Rx Data

Making Rx data useful

Prescription data can be brought into your portal and displayed online, but it shouldn’t just be for display only. Health Portal Solutions offers ways to organize prescription data in a way that’s useful for coordinating care, payment, and healthcare spending control.

An HPS web portal allows you to consolidate and use prescription data in a variety of ways. Examples include creating a printable medication history, paperless pre-authorization requests, online prescription search, analytical reporting, and more.

In today’s healthcare environment, there is a growing need for making healthcare data more meaningful to those accessing it. By implementing tools from HPS with your prescription data, your company can turn data into something that is meaningful and useful for your stakeholders.

Online prescription data allows you to control healthcare spending and easily coordinate care.

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Features Include:

  • Printable Prescription History
  • Paperless Pre-Authorization Requests
  • Online Prescription Search
  • Analytical Prescription Reports
  • Drug Interaction Infromation