Private Pay USA

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Help plan members manage healthcare spending by offering discounts on prescription drugs and healthcare services. The Private Pay USA program offered through Health Portal Solutions provides discounts for over 59,000 pharmacies nationwide and thousands of healthcare service providers.Using the Private Pay USA discount card, plan members can save on a wide range of products and services including prescription drugs, lab tests, vision care, dental care and other important healthcare services. Plan members and their families can request a free Private Pay USA discount card via the HPS portal and then immediately use the card to access pre-negotiated savings on healthcare services.

Private Pay USA is an empowering health and wellness discount solution that allows plan members to be proactive about their healthcare spending. By offering these healthcare savings in your HPS portal, you can help your plan members effectively manage their healthcare costs.

Provide plan members with valuable prescription and healthcare savings with Private Pay USA.

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Features Include:

  • Prescription Drugs – up to 65% savings
  • Dental – up to 50% savings
  • Vision – up to 50% savings
  • Hearing – up to 15% savings
  • MRI & Imaging – up to 70% savings
  • Lab – up to 60% savings