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Employee Wellness Solutions to Consider for 2016 (Part 1)

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Employee Wellness Solutions to Consider for 2016 (Part 1)

October is here and that means open enrollment for many companies. Employees are talking with HR, seeking out information about their new plan and Employers are trying to decipher what, if any, enhancements to add to their plan.

HPS offers several health and wellness programs that integrate with your HPS web portal to empower employees in managing their health and healthcare. According to BenefitsPro, “Empowering employees to change the behaviors that have created poor health, financial stress and unhappiness, cannot be accomplished overnight” but HPS is here to help you! By adding these services into your privately-branded portal, HPS makes it easy for employees to access and use the personal healthcare tools available under their plan. This creates a cohesive-looking benefits program within your company’s online portal and ultimately adds up to improvements in employee health and increased productivity.

As you consider what enhancements to add to 2016 employee benefits plans, here are a few we’d suggest

  1. My Wellness – The My Wellness program offers several tools to help employees evaluate their health status and get a jump start on their personal health goals. For example, the Health Risk Assessment provides a wellness score, information on top health risks and suggested goals to help lower risk levels. Employees can take advantage of several health and wellness workshops or contact a health coach for one-on-one assistance with their health goals. Lastly, it also includes a Competition Portal that encourages employee participation with company-wide wellness challenges.
  2. Health Advocate (for Employers) – Health Advocate help employees and employers save time and money with coordinating personal healthcare. Also known as “patient advocacy”, these programs support employees by helping them get the most out of their health plan and by doing some of the legwork associated with managing their healthcare activities. This service provides employees relief, assistance, and support as they try to navigate the healthcare maze. Read more here:
  3. Health Advocate (for Payers) –Also known as “patient advocacy”, this programs supports employees by helping them get the most out of their health plan and by doing some of the legwork associated with managing their healthcare activities. These services also provide numerous advantages to Payers such as helping plan members understand their healthcare plan and conserving vendor coordination efforts. Read more here:
  4. Healthwise Patient Education Tools – Healthwise is a useful tool that helps to educate plan members about possible risks or health related issues. Plan members can log into the portal to research their diagnosis, learn about treatment options, and understand prescription drug options. They can also use interactive tools such as the symptom checker to self-diagnose an issue and determine whether a doctor visit is needed.

Above are just some of the programs HPS integrates with to help drive employee wellness and benefit plan participation. However, we work with many different vendors and have integrated several wellness solutions that encourage similar types of engagement. As you add supplemental programs to your 2016 employee benefits plan, be sure to include those programs in your portal too. Contact us today to learn more!

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