Integrated Portals for Insurance and Healthcare

Healthcare Payers struggle to manage the moving parts of health plan administration. We help Payers organize their data, vendors, and business processes behind one login so they can efficiently manage the different pieces of healthcare in one place.

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Connecting Data Data + Vendors + Business Processes
Video Description

Introduction to Health Portal Solutions

[Logo enters screen]

Managing healthcare plans involves many moving parts…

  • Documents
  • Prescriptions
  • Enrollment
  • Invoices
  • Claims
  • Care Management
  • Communications
  • Reporting
  • Wellness
  • ID Cards

...that live in different systems.

[Parts spin into dis-order.]

Which aren't integrated

This makes the pieces of healthcare difficult to access...

and difficult for you to manage.

[Parts unable to move.]

[Parts organize into a circle.]

We manage your Data, Vendors, Business Processes

[Parts spiral behind center words:]

...Behind one login.

This portal is privately branded for your company...

and accessible through your website.

[circle graphics spin and enter computer screen.]

With your integrated portal...

[Circles multiply and chaotically move, then organize in one stack.]

You can manage the different pieces of healthcare in one place.

You can also reach all of your key stakeholders.

and give them one place to go to for their health plan information they need.

This ultimately

  • reduces your call volumes...
  • Automates your business processes
  • and empowers you to scale your business.

Take the first step in managing the moving parts of your health plans.

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Manage the Moving Parts of Healthcare Behind One Login.

The pieces of healthcare are hard to manage when they’re in different systems.

Use the Health Portal Solutions platform to organize your healthcare data, vendors, and business processes in one portal.

This will empower you to reduce call volumes, automate your business operations, and scale for growth.

The Plan for Organizing Your Business Online

Spend less time chasing the moving parts and more time growing your business. The HPS portal gives you greater control over business operations and more time for you to focus on what’s most important.

  • Step 1

    Integrate your data into one portal.

  • Step 2

    Move your business processes online.

  • Step 3

    Automate your business processes.

  • Step 4

    Enjoy more time for promoting and growing your business.

Beyond Business Organization

The HPS portal does more than organize your business. You’ll also get:

Private-branding of your web portal.

Secure hosting and 24/7 monitoring of your portal.

Experienced customer support.

Confidence in managing your business and scaling for more.

For over 20 years, Third Party Administrators, Health Plans, International Insurance Carriers, Employers, and Unions worldwide have partnered with Health Portal Solutions™ to organize their business online and achieve greater efficiencies and business growth.

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Don’t Settle for a Portal That’s “Good Enough.”

With Health Portal Solutions, you’ll get a web portal that addresses your short-term needs and delivers long term value.

  • Scalable for your business growth
  • 30+ ways to customize your portal without software development
  • Additional portal enhancements without additional price tags
  • Customer Support that understands your industry but allows for the uniqueness of your business

We focus exclusively on portals and are not distracted by producing other technologies. Because you deserve better than “good enough”.

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Don’t let business disorganization weigh you down with manual, paper-based business processes.
Organize your business online so you can boost efficiencies and open the door for business growth.

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Step 3

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