Health Plans

Health Plans

Online Organization That Builds Growth

Health plans want to sell more products, but many times the momentum after the sale gets stalled with the onboarding and customer service. HPS consolidates the health plans’ systems and business processes into one portal. This enables health plans to onboard new clients efficiently and maintain momentum from the sale through customer service.

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Integration that Paves the Way for Growth

When sales and operations are connected online, health plans are equipped for scalable growth. Use the HPS portal to integrate your business operations and create a seamless experience for your customers. Here’s how it works:


your systems and vendors into one portal


quoting, enrollment, customer service, and invoicing in your portal


your team and customers interactions online


each step of the customer experience from your portal – from the sale to the service.


business processes and get scalable growth

Your integrated portal boosts collaboration amongst your departments and simplifies your customer experience within one online platform.

Greater Control & Experienced Support

Health Plans have both the independence of managing their portal efficiently and the support of an experienced technology partner.

  • Configurable interface to create relevant experiences for your clients
  • Off-the-shelf tools for sharing announcements and product information in a targeted way
  • Ease in enabling access to more products in your portal
  • 20+ years’ experience in integration and process automation

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"Health Portal Solutions was one of the easiest and accommodating IT companies. They were also eager to solve our issues in a timely manner. I highly recommend their company."

-Richard Fulton, Cypress Dental Insurance

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Continue Momentum Today & Build Momentum for Tomorrow

Integrated business processes help you avoid losses in momentum that erode your clients’ confidence. When you use your portal to continue and build momentum, you will:

  1. Make client onboarding easier and easier
  2. Impress your clients with your organization and efficiency
  3. Prepare your business for scalable growth
  4. Deliver an engaging digital experience that makes your customers come back for more

Use your portal to organize and focus your business processes on seamless customer experiences that build business growth.

Don’t let disorganized business processes slow your momentum.

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