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Build a Competitive Edge Through Business Efficiencies

International insurers want to grow and expand, but outdated technology limits their potential. HPS helps these insurers streamline their business operations in a central, online platform. This lets them effectively manage their existing business while attracting and scaling for more.

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Boost Efficiencies & Growth

Technology should empower your business growth, not limit it. Use the HPS portal to streamline your business processes, differentiate yourself in the market, and attract more customers. Here’s how:


your disparate data into one portal


paper processes into online, electronic ones


business workflows online


with key parties in a personalized way


a strong reputation amongst your customers and in the industry

Your new business efficiencies will build your responsiveness as an insurer while giving your team more time to focus on business growth.

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Tried & Proven Solutions for Business Success

When you partner with HPS, you’ll benefit from a guide with over 20 years’ experience. You’ll also be equipped to use your portal for managing and growing your business effectively.

  • Privately-branded web and mobile interface
  • 30+ ways to customize your portal without software development
  • Built for multiple languages and currencies
  • Experienced customer support

Your portal will be tailored to the unique needs of your company, enabling you to optimize your portal’s usability.

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“The HPS Portal was rapidly embraced by our clients during the COVID-19 civil restrictions in Trinidad and to a lesser extent in St. Lucia. We saw online claim submissions grow from 10% of our total weekly claims processing to over 50% across an 8-week period.   The HPS Portal handled the growth without any performance degradation, allowing us to meet our customers in their time of need.”

-Robert Boopsingh, Chief Information Officer, Beacon Insurance

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Boost Efficiencies, Save Time, & Focus on Growth

You can’t afford to lose business opportunities because of outdated technology. Instead, use portal technology to empower your business and drive its growth.

  • Organize business units in one portal
  • Engage key parties in targeted ways
  • Free your team from manual, inefficient business processes
  • Gain more time to devote to business growth

Use your portal to achieve operational efficiencies, differentiate yourself in the market, and build your customer base.

Use portal technology to expand your company’s growth opportunities.

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