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Our Health Portal Solutions Website Meets WCAG 2.1 AA

Posted on by Ellice Sanchez
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Our Health Portal Solutions Website Meets WCAG 2.1 AA

As the portal design specialist for Health Portal Solutions, I have tested every page of this website to confirm whether it met WCAG 2.1 AA.

There were some places where I had to adjust colours for more contrast to the text, update contrast in the menu, enhance visibility of hover + focus states of links, and add a few missing alt tags on images. I also added the scripts to the training videos on the website to satisfy the need for audio descriptions. I removed the slideshows, even though they had a play/pause button and text descriptions. The play/pause button was not triggerable by using a keyboard, so since it could not work for everyone, we would not keep it.


 Download the conformance claim here.

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