Third Party Administrators

Third Party Benefit Administrators

Organized Data Shows Greater Business Value

Self-funded benefit plan administrators know the value of self-funding, but the number of moving parts involved makes that value hard to show.  HPS consolidates administrators’ data, vendors, and business processes into one privately-branded portal. This enables administrators to efficiently manage self-funded benefits and easily showcase the value of self-funding.

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Organize & Strengthen Benefit Management

Disorganized data makes benefits administration time consuming, and it hinders your responsiveness as an administrator. Use the HPS portal to organize your benefit management efforts, streamline your business processes, and easily show the value of self-funding. Here’s how:


your benefit data, vendors, and programs into one portal


all stakeholders one place to go to for all relevant information


benefit communications & requests in your portal


your business processes online


the value of self-funding with more extra time.

Your disparate benefit plan data are combined in a seamless manner that is easy to understand. This helps each user make better decisions and helps you quickly take action on benefit trends.

Valuable Technology with Valuable Service

Benefit Administrators get more than just business-organizing technology. They also have the guidance of a partner with more than 20 years of industry experience.

  • Private-Branding to Help Administrators Promote Their Brand
  • Secure Hosting and 24/7 Monitoring
  • Experienced Customer Support
  • Marketing Materials to Promote Their Portal

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“We value our relationship with Health Portal Solutions and have been an HPS client since 2006. Our web portal is an essential tool for our customer service efforts and communicating with our business partners and their employees.  We enjoy a very good partnership with the HPS team and appreciate their support as our company continues to grow.”

– Kris Smith, President INTEGRA Administrative Group, Inc.

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More Clarity, Simplicity, & Value

By organizing your business behind your portal, you’ll avoid the time and costs of manual, unorganized workflows. Instead, you will:

  • Make Benefit Data Easy to Access & Understand
  • Seamlessly Manage Benefit Processes
  • Create a Pleasant Insurance Experience for Members
  • Readily Convince Customers of the Value That Self-Funding Provides

Use your portal to gain control of your business operations and to impress your clients with your benefit plan administration services.

Don’t let disorganization hide the value of what you do.

Organize your data and business into your portal and let your clients share your confidence in the value of self-funding.

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