Portals Designed with Payers in Mind

Payers need portals that are more than just a “quick fix.” Payers need portal solutions that are carefully conceptualized, developed, and tested for effectiveness. HPS’ solutions give Payers a combination of thoughtful design, tight integration, and strong security.

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HPS’ database design and portal architecture was developed to help Healthcare Payers scale, automate, and integrate their business processes. Our solutions were created based on industry best practices for insurance and healthcare and include:

4-Tier Architecture

.NET Platform

SQL Server

Microsoft Best Practices

Over the past 20 years, HPS has developed more than 1,000 database programs, web application programs, services, and user interfaces. This gives each Payer flexibility and control in managing data access and the online experience for each stakeholder.


Health Portal Solutions helps Payers organize data from their internal systems and vendor systems into a single, privately-branded portal. When partnered with HPS, Payers benefit from multiple options for integration, including:

  • Flat Files
  • Single-Sign On
  • 834 Enrollment Files
  • Web Services

HPS works closely with the Payer’s systems and vendors to ensure seamless mapping, display, and maintenance of information displayed in the Payer’s web portal.

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Health Portal Solutions’ web portals are secured to ensure compliance with all standards outlined under HIPAA and HITECH. All HPS interfaces, access, and data are protected by multiple layers of security, including:

  • Firewalls
  • Threat-detection/prevention appliances
  • DMZ zones
  • Active Directory controls

All personal health information (PHI) Data is encrypted by 256-bit encryption or higher, and in some cases by multiple layers of encryption technology. Data is protected and encrypted in motion, and at rest.

Payers also have flexibility and control in which parties have access and what they’re able to view. Through the use of role-based security and configurable data restrictions, Payers can create targeted online experiences while also protecting PHI.

server rack storing health portal data


Payers get a highly customized portal that’s unique to them, incorporating their brand colors, fonts, logos, icons, and other branding.

Member portal marketer layout on desktop
cube outline


Each Payer has off-the shelf tools for managing web portal restrictions, workflows, and online content to make the portal their own – without software development or involvement of IT.


HPS portal workflows, designs, and interfaces adapt and scale to fit a diverse set of Payer business models.

Mobile-optimized member portal homepage listing online tools and recent healthcare claims
Mobile-optimized member portal homepage showing announcements posted by the insurer
Mobile-optimized portal homepage for plan members showcasing wellness tools
Mobile-optimized health insurance portal for plan members

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