Client Support

Client Support

Your Partner for Your Portal’s Success

Payers want to get the most out of their portal, but inattentive technology vendors often leave them isolated and uncertain about what to do. HPS gives Payers personalized guidance and assistance so that Payers can optimize the use and effectiveness of their portal.

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A Partner to Equip You

Technology vendors should provide more than just technology; they should provide you the service and support you need to effectively use the technology. When you partner with HPS, you get a tried and proven web portal and a dedicated Business Analyst who will:


HPS’ design, development, and testing of your portal during implementation


you and prepare you for go live


and assist you with questions, issues, and training after go live


When you need assistance with your portal, you’ll work with someone who knows you, your business model, and how best to help.

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The Complete Package for Your Portal Success

HPS Client Support gives you more than just access to our experienced Support Team. You’ll also get:

  1. Portal Design Services
  2. Quarterly Portal Enhancements
  3. Portal Hosting and 24/7 Monitoring
  4. Training Sessions, Videos, and Materials
  5. Privately-Branded Portal Marketing Materials

HPS Client Support will help you discover new ways to optimize the use of your portal in your business operations. Throughout your relationship with us, you’ll work with a team that understands your industry but allows for the uniqueness of your business.

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“Jessica from HPS Support has been a godsend. She is patient with us, she is good with us, and she has done an excellent job.” – TPA, Mississippi

“Working with the team at Health Portal Solutions has been a very good experience and they have walked me "personally" through many steps that were not exactly easy for me.  Not being a true "data person" but a very seasoned Third-Party Administration Director, it was extremely helpful to have knowledgeable and patient system/reporting individuals to help me.  I would highly recommend your services."  - TPA, South Carolina

“Your team has all been extremely supportive. I’ve been very pleased with the way they’ve performed.” – Fully Insured Carrier, Texas

Your Partner for Your Portal’s Success

Don’t try optimize your portal alone. Lean on HPS’ Client Support to implement your portal effectively and to get:

  1. The training you need to manage the portal yourself
  2. A partner to fall back on when you’re not sure what to do
  3. The guidance to make your portal the most effective it can be

You’ll have the knowledge of how your portal works, the confidence to maximize its use, and the assistance to help you get there.

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Schedule a demo to learn how HPS Client Support can equip and guide you in getting the most out of your portal.

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