Analytical Reporting

Online data analysis made easy

Clear, organized information is essential for making important business decisions. HPS’ extensive reporting capabilities streamlines data analysis.

The HPS portal consolidates your data and organizes it into a series of reports that can be accessed by key stakeholders 24/7. Each report can be printed, emailed, downloaded and scheduled, enabling easy analysis of your data.

With many canned reports already created, and the ability to create custom reports, HPS provides your company with the tools needed to effectively evaluate and manage your business. By creating these reports automatically, the portal saves your team from manually building and sending reports to the appropriate parties.

As the license-holder, your company has full control over the types of data that display on the reports and which parties can access them. Each report can also be printed, emailed, downloaded and scheduled, enabling easy analysis of your data.

Health Portal Solutions’ dynamic reports allow you to easily manage multiple aspects of business operations

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Report Categories:

  • Claim Payment
  • Census
  • Prescription
  • Disease Management
  • Section 125/Flex
  • Plan Design
  • Stop Loss
  • Financial
  • Custom Reports