Invoice Management

Invoice Management

Centralize Invoice Distribution & Follow Up

Invoicing tends to get immersed with paperwork, multiple emails, and phone calls. Our online Invoice Management tool helps Payers organize their invoice documents and communications in one place. This lets them invoice and follow up on payment without taking as many steps.

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Streamline Invoice Communications & Management

Manual invoicing processes are time-consuming, costly, and frustrating. Use the Invoice Management solution to streamline your invoicing processes, save time, and get paid faster. Here’s how:

1. Create templates for invoicing notifications

2. Upload monthly invoices

3. Your customers are notified when there’s an invoice for review

4. Your customer approves the invoice online

5. You have more time to focus on other important tasks

Your online invoices are available 24/7, and customers can access their invoices along with their claim and benefit details in your portal. This saves you from maintaining separate invoicing portals and centralizes your invoicing efforts in one place.

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Drive Invoicing While Minimizing Manual Effort

Payers use the Invoice Management solution to keep the invoicing process moving forward without manual intervention. It also empowers them to manage and track invoicing every step of the way.

  1. Permanent online storage of invoices
  2. Record of invoice reviews & approvals
  3. Automatic reminders to review invoices
  4. Tools for posting comments to your customers or your internal team

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"Since using the invoice management tool, our staff has had several new-found hours every month to focus on other priorities. It’s exciting to see how quickly invoicing gets done because we’re no longer doing things manually."
-Tomas Perez, Controller, Benefit Management Administrators

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Save Time & Money

By using the Invoice Management solution, you’ll avoid the manual invoicing processes that consume time and money. Instead, you will:

  1. Automate follow up on unapproved invoices
  2. Eliminate the need to re-send invoices to customers
  3. Save the time and efforts of maintaining separate invoicing portals
  4. Easily track and communicate about invoice updates

Organize your invoicing processes and communications into your portal and experience time savings from your automated invoicing workflows.

Spend less time invoicing and more time getting paid.

Consolidate your invoicing processes online so you can save time, invoice faster, and drive payments sooner.

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