Analytical Reporting

Analytical Reporting

Expedite the Access and Analysis of Your Data

Payers want to make data-driven decisions, but scattered data force Payers to manually gather and combine the information they need to analyze. HPS helps Payers consolidate their disparate data into one set of reports so that Payers can shift their focus from report-building to report analysis.

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Automate Reporting for Proactive Plan Management

Manual report creation consumes time, hinders data-driven decisions, and delays your responsiveness to health plan trends. Partner with HPS to automate the creation and updating of your health plan reporting. Here’s how:

1. Consolidate your data into one portal

2. Access portal reports illustrating your consolidated data

3. Use reports to monitor operational performance and to advise customers

4. Give key parties on-demand access to your portal reports

5. Enjoy the time savings and accessibility to analyze your data

Reports are automatically updated as your portal receives updated data from your claim system and vendor systems. This saves you time and enables you to focus on proactively analyzing and mitigating health plan risks.

Eliminate Manual Reporting and Drive Accessibility

HPS’ Analytical Reporting helps you eliminate the manual creation, updating, and sharing of reports. It also facilitates analysis amongst all parties involved with the health plan.

  1. Integration of Multiple Data Sources
  2. Automatic Report Updates
  3. Accessibility for Employers, Brokers, Underwriters, and Other Key Parties
  4. Multidimensional Drill Down
  5. Downloadable for Further Analysis

When you use HPS’ Analytical Reporting, your customers no longer have to wait for you to create and provide a report. They’ll have 24/7, self-service access to reporting within your controlled, secure portal environment.

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Shift Your Focus to Data Analysis

Don’t let your scattered data keep you from analyzing your operational and health plan performance effectively. Shift your focus away from report-building and instead shift it to report analysis.

  • Consolidate your disparate data into one portal
  • Produce meaningful reports for tracking & analysis
  • Make reports accessible to key parties online 24/7
  • Provide data-driven recommendations to your customers

Use HPS’ Analytical Reporting to harness your data to empower clear, actionable, and proactive health plan decisions.

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