Appeals & Grievances

Appeals and Grievances

Respond to Appeals & Grievances Quickly

HPS knows how paper-based processes can slow and bottleneck business workflows, and we know how freeing it can be to remove those bottlenecks. Our online Appeal and Grievance Submission helps Payers eliminate the paper-based workflows so that they can drive faster responses.

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Fewer Steps and a Faster Response

HPS’ Appeal and Grievance Submission helps Payers expedite their responsiveness by:

  • Making

    online submission easy for providers

  • Collecting

    the required details and document

  • Reducing

     the amount of manual data entry

  • Communicating

    updates effortlessly

Online submission reduces the number of steps it takes for Payers to review appeals and grievances, allowing them to resolve each one faster.

Ease of Access and Use

Providers can easily access the Appeal and Grievance Submission in the Payer’s HIPAA-compliant portal, along with their other provider resources.

Payers are equipped with administrative tools that will help them assess and respond to requests quickly, including:

  • Online review & approval
  • CSV download of appeal and grievance details
  • Automatic notifications

With the appeals and grievances easily accessible, Payers will be better prepared to address each request within the timelines set by the regulatory authorities.

How It Works

Make your appeal and grievance submission processes paperless and automated. Here’s how you can do it in the HPS portal:

Step 1


Providers submit appeals and grievances in your portal.

Step 2


You’re notified when a new request is ready for review.

Step 3


You approve the request and download the details.

Step 4


Providers are notified when the request has been approved.

Step 5


Your appeal & grievance processes become fast and efficient.

When appeal and grievance submission becomes an electronic process, you’ll spend less time on manual tasks and more time resolving the request.


Appeal and Grievance Submission allows Payers to expedite their review of and response to appeal and grievance requests. By removing the paper processes and manual workflows involved, Payers can respond to each request more easily and rapidly. This empowers Payers to drive faster business workflows, better provider relationships, and more proactive management of appeals and grievances.

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