Claim Submission

Claim Submission

Streamline Your Claim Intake

Payers must increase their competitiveness in the market, but manual claim submission processes can instantly slow their service and harm their reputation. HPS helps Payers streamline claim intake processes through their portal so they can speed up claim processing and deliver an experience their customers appreciate.

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Eliminate Manual Processes & Increase Responsiveness

Online claim submission helps you automate your claim intake so you can be more responsive and process claims more efficiently. Here’s how it works.

HPS creates your online claim submission portal

Your users submit claims and supporting documentation in your portal

The portal transmits new claims to your claim adjudication system

You process the claim in your claim system

Claim updates are loaded to your portal for your users to see

By converting claim submission into a paperless, automated process, your team will spend less time keying in data and following up on missing details. They will instead be focused on processing the claim so your users will be updated quickly.

Provide Faster Service & Communication

Manual claim submission causes delays in claim processing and increases the number of claim status inquiries you receive. Use online claim submission to speed up your claim processes and to keep your users informed each step of the way.

  1. Mobile Optimization
  2. Document Attachment
  3. Export Submitted Claims to Your Claim System Through EDI files or APIs
  4. Claim Update Notifications

When it is seamless and easy to submit claims and get updates, your reputation for fast customer service will grow in the market.

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Mobile-optimized online healthcare claim submission

“The HPS Portal was rapidly embraced by our clients during the COVID-19 civil restrictions in Trinidad and to a lesser extent in St. Lucia. We saw online claim submissions grow from 10% of our total weekly claims processing to over 50% across an 8-week period.   The HPS Portal handled the growth without any performance degradation, allowing us to meet our customers in their time of need.” –Robert Boopsingh, Chief Information Officer, Beacon Insurance

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A Faster, Easier Claim Experience

Don’t let manual claim submission delay your claim processing and harm your customer service efforts. Use online claim submission to drive an efficient, seamless claim experience.

  • Avoid manual keying in of data
  • Reduce manual follow up
  • Increase claim turnaround times
  • Automatically update users before they have to call

Claim processing is a key part of what you do. Make that process seamless for your users, fast for your customers, and easy for your team by using online claim submission.

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