Preventative Care Reminders

Preventative Care Reminders

Proactively Drive Preventative Healthcare

Payers want to remind members about preventative healthcare services. However, when member communication is a manual task, Payers struggle to keep up. With HPS’ Preventative Care Reminders, Payers send targeted member reminders automatically. This allows Payers to take a more active role in controlling healthcare costs without spending more time to do so.

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Build Member Participation in Their Healthcare

When members go for preventative healthcare screenings and services, high-cost illnesses are caught early and treated early. Members just need a reminder. Payers can use their portal to remind members without manual effort. Here’s how:

1. Define

the Preventative Care Reminders you want to send.

2. We configure

the reminders based on the rules you defined.

3. Create

email templates for Preventative Care Reminders.

4. Remind

members automatically to schedule their next preventative care service.

5. Relax

You’re at ease knowing that preventative care reminders are being handled for you.

With Preventative Care Reminders, you’ll keep members informed of necessary health services and encourage member participation in their own preventative care.

Set it, Forget it, and See the Results.

Say goodbye to the manual efforts of sending Preventative Care Reminders to members. The Preventative Care Reminders solution gives you:

  • Schedule Editor that lets you control which notifications go out when
  • Template Editor that gives you control of what each reminder says
  • Log of notifications that were sent

The more members are reminded, the more they’ll use preventative healthcare services. You’ll see this utilization in the member’s healthcare claims and ultimately in the slower rise of healthcare costs.

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Listing of demo templates in the portal

Payer User-Interface: Viewing a sent Health reminder

Automatic Reminders, Healthcare Participation, Lower Healthcare Costs

Preventative Care Reminders drive member participation in healthcare and slow the incidence of chronic disease. However, you don’t have time to send them manually. Use HPS’ solution to:

  • Identify which members need reminders
  • Create messaging specific to the healthcare service
  • Send the reminders at the right time

Let us automate the task that you need to do so badly. You’ll teach members to proactively manage their health and you’ll be proactive in controlling the cost of healthcare.

Plan Your Preventative Care Reminders

Controlling healthcare costs starts with identifying and treating high-cost diseases early.

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Don’t be a Bystander. Be Proactive in Reducing Healthcare Costs.

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