Drive Health Engagement More Easily

Payers want to engage members with their health, but when health & wellness programs are hard to access, utilization is low and members stay disengaged. HPS helps Payers consolidate their health & wellness programs into their portal so that access is easier for members and engagement is easier for Payers.

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Easier Access and Easier Engagement

When health & wellness programs are hard to access, member engagement plummets. When they’re easy to access, engagement grows. By integrating your health & wellness programs into your portal, HPS can help you drive program accessibility and engagement without as much promotional effort. Here’s how it works:

HPS consolidates your health & wellness programs into your portal

Members gain centralized access to your health programs

Members see health tools that are specific to them

Payers spend less effort promoting health & wellness programs

All your health & wellness resources are easily accessible and display seamlessly online under your company’s brand. This allows members to interact with your brand as they use your health programs.

Flexible Integration & Personalized Approach

Whether you have your own preferred health programs or you’re looking for best-in-breed solutions, HPS can help you seamlessly combine your wellness programs with your health plan information.

  1. Standard health & wellness integrations
  2. Wellness tools in English and Spanish
  3. Flexible integration with your wellness vendors
  4. Efficient ways to post & share wellness program announcements
  5. Personalized health tips tied to the member’s claim diagnosis codes

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Mobile-optimized portal homepage for plan members showcasing wellness tools

For more than 20 years, HPS has integrated health and wellness programs of all kinds into our clients’ portals. Whether it’s interactive tools, health knowledgebases, telemedicine, mental health programs, or others, these wellness resources are easily accessed and used from within the Payer’s portal.

man holding a mobile with Health Library on screen

Drive Wellness Engagement & Utilization

Don’t waste time promoting disparate wellness programs and seeing little program utilization in return. Consolidate your health and wellness programs into your portal to:

  1. Make health programs easily accessible
  2. Manage and promote wellness programs efficiently
  3. Personalize the way you engage members about their health
  4. Save time from manually engaging members

When your health programs become easy to access, they’re more heavily used by your members. This gets members engaged in their health more quickly, without excessive promotional efforts on your part.

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