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International Carrier Integrates 5 Insurance Portals into 1 Member Portal

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Project Case Study

The Challenge

An HPS client in Bermuda sold and administered five types of insurance plans, including health, property and casualty, and retirement. However, because each plan had its own portal, plan members had to log into five separate portals to access the details for each of their respective plans.

Maintaining multiple usernames and passwords was a hassle for the member, and every portal had different navigation. This made the online experience confusing for the few members who did log in and generated many complaints from employers.

Recognizing the need for easy, seamless portal access and the importance of consistently navigable portals, this client reached out to HPS for help.

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Our Solution

HPS collaborated with the client to integrate all the portals together through a comprehensive, common navigation that would be consistent across all portals.

We started by mapping a new eligibility file of all the members eligible to access our client’s health portal. This would ensure that only members who were enrolled in health coverage could access health insurance data. It also gave our client more control over portal access.

We then worked with a third-party vendor called VARA to implement the new navigation toolbar. This toolbar showed the various insurance portals at the top and then listed the health portal-specific navigation underneath

The Results

When members need to access any of their insurance information, they now have a single point of access from our client’s website – using only one login account. Members see a listing of all the insurance plans they’re enrolled in and can click on each one to see their specific plan details.

Regardless of what insurance portal they’re looking at, the navigation and branding is consistent across all portals. Plus, technical changes made to the portals behind the scenes are not noticed by members, eliminating disruption while delivering an easier, seamless online experience.

Why HPS was the Best Choice

HPS specializes in centralizing disparate information into one place. Whether it’s integrating data or portals, we make benefit management & communication easier for Payers through a one-stop shop experience.

Since 2000, we’ve integrated with 60+ vendors and systems, from commercial systems to homegrown ones. Our flexible and scalable portal architecture makes integration easy and customized to the needs of each client.

About Our Integration Services

HPS integrates with the systems and vendors of your choice to create centralized access to your information. We work directly with your vendor to build the interface, whether it be through single sign-on, web services, EDI, or web transactions. Though close collaboration, HPS creates visually engaging, online workflows that draw utilization as clients roll out their solution to users.

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