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International Insurer Automates Claim Submission

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Project Case Study

The Challenge

This international insurance carrier struggled under the weight of manual, paper-based processes for claim submission. Burdened by excessive manual workflows and keying in of information, claims took over a week to process. Facing complaints from its clients and wishing to boost claim workflow efficiencies, this client asked HPS for help.

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Our Solution

HPS responded by developing an online claim submission tool that enabled members and employers to submit claims online. This included collecting required documents necessary for processing the claim. Each hour, the portal placed a file of the submitted claims on a secure FTP site, where they could be imported into the claim adjudication system and processed by our client.

From initial concept to final testing of the solution, HPS collaborated closely with our client and with their claim adjudication software vendor. Because this client was international, the online user interface, workflows, and export files were customized to suit the unique needs of the client and international standards.

The Results

By automating submission of claims online and transmission of new claims to their claim system, this client reduced its claim processing time from one week to less than 24 hours.

In addition, the go live of their new claim submission tool couldn’t have been more timely. It took place shortly before the COVID 19 pandemic reached Trinidad. Even with the shelter in place orders, members could electronically submit claims online, and our client’s staff could process the claim as they were working from home. The portal updated the claim data, prompting members by email to log into the portal for more details. Claim-related workflows were handled online and electronically without any face-face-interaction, critical during a global pandemic.

Why HPS was the Best Choice

HPS specializes in system integration for many benefit processes, including submission of claims. Our online workflows and data exports are highly customizable for individual client needs. They’re also optimized for use in an international setting and fully usable from mobile devices.

About Our Claim Submission

HPS’ Online Claim Submission empowers members, providers, and employers to submit claims and related documents through your web portal. Our solution interfaces directly with your claim adjudication system, allowing you to automate transmission of claims for your processing. The portal also receives data updates from the claim system, keeping all key parties informed and engaged.

HPS Client Success Story - Claim Submission

Download this Case Study as a PDF