Automate Your Eligibility Management

Payers want to profitably manage their member base, but manual enrollment processes erode their efficiencies and increase their administration costs. HPS helps Payers automate their enrollment workflows online so they can be efficient and responsive in managing eligibility.

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Automate Online for Eligibility Efficiencies

Manual enrollment processes consume time, cause delays, and limit your ability to manage growth. Use online enrollment to automate how you handle growth and change in your member base.

1. HPS loads your eligibility and benefits data into your portal

2. Set up an online enrollment experience targeted to each user

3. Users submit enrollments online

4. Approved enrollments automatically load into your benefit management system

5. You gain better efficiencies, more time, and lower enrollment administration costs

Online enrollment helps you collect the important eligibility details up front, reducing the amount of manual follow up efforts. It also saves you time from manually keying in enrollment details, empowering you to respond to enrollments quickly.

Centralized Platform, Personalized Experience

When you give your users a targeted, convenient experience, you will gather enrollment details more easily. By partnering with HPS, you’ll have several ways to engage your users with online enrollment.

  1. Mobile optimization
  2. Document attachment
  3. Enrollment experience targeted by benefit, plan, and user
  4. Tools for posting instructions and answers to common questions
  5. Enrollment notifications

Online enrollment helps you centralize your communications with members, employers, and brokers. This saves you from manually communicating updates to each party and helps you engage more people in less time.

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“COVID 19 brought about many challenges to our members and their families, including unemployment and loss of insurance. By using HPS’ online enrollment to provide newly uninsured dependents with healthcare coverage, we were able to quickly meet one of our members’ most essential needs during this frightening time – healthcare coverage amidst a global pandemic.”
Health Trust, Nevada

close up of hands touching ipad to select coverage while person is standing on the grass

Shift Your Focus to Data Analysis

Don’t let manual enrollment process hinder your profitability and effectiveness. Use the HPS Online Enrollment to:

  • Reduce your manual follow up efforts
  • Eliminate your reliance on paper processes
  • Respond more quickly
  • Manage eligibility with efficiency

Automate your eligibility processes online to save time, build efficiencies, and reduce your administration costs.

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