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Communicate Effortlessly with these 7 Portal Notifications

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Communicate Effortlessly with these 7 Portal Notifications

It’s important to engage all parties in the healthcare process in order to keep it moving forward. However, when important healthcare tasks are out of sight, they’re often out of mind as well. You can increase awareness about healthcare tasks and prompt action amongst your stakeholders by using automated portal notifications. Outlined below are seven notifications your portal can send to drive action, cut costs, and improve member health.


1. Appeals & Grievances

When someone has submitted an appeal or grievance, it’s critical to respond as soon as possible. As a result, your portal sends you a notification every time appeals and grievances are submitted in your portal, allowing you to quickly review and respond.

2. Pre-Authorizations

Providers are notified when there’s been a change in the status of their pre-authorization request. This prompts them to view the authorization details in your portal without having to call your Customer Service team.

3. Online Enrollments

When enrollment transactions are submitted online, your team is informed and prompted to review them. Also, users who submitted enrollment transactions will receive notifications when they have been approved or denied. This keeps stakeholders informed and prompts further action, if necessary.

4. Mailbox Messages

All users are notified when there’s a new message for them in the Secure Mailbox. This prompts the user to log in and continue communications with you.

5. Explanation of Benefits (EOB)

Members are notified when there’s a new electronic EOB available in your portal. This drives members to access EOBs electronically rather than through the mail, which can lower your print and mailing costs.

6. Invoice Reminders

As we mentioned in another blog, there are many hidden costs associated with manual invoice processes. By automatically notifying your customers about invoices and payment reminders, your portal can help you reduce the hidden and visible costs of manual invoice workflows.

7. Member Preventative Care Reminders

When a member is approaching the time for preventative health services, your portal will send them a reminder to schedule their appointment. This drives proactive health management, slows the rise of claim costs, and reduces your team’s manual follow up efforts.


Whether your portal sends its notifications through email or SMS text messages, each one is a manual communication your team doesn’t have to send. By effortlessly keeping your stakeholders informed and engaged, your team can keep the healthcare process moving forward, while saving your own time and efforts.

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