Web Forms Manager

Web Forms Manager

Drive Fast and Efficient Form Submissions

When forms are hard to find or fill out, users won’t submit them. This leaves Payers with excessive follow up efforts and work backlogs. The Web Forms Manager helps Payers create easy, fast ways for users to submit forms online. This drives more form submissions and relieves the Payer's manual efforts.

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Centralize Form Submission in Your Portal

The Web Forms Manager helps Payers consolidate access to and submission of forms within its web portal. This creates an easy way to:

  • Access

    forms online

  •  Receive

    form submissions instantly

  •  Submit

    forms without scanning, faxing,
    or mailing them to the Payer

  •  Download

    data submitted in the forms

The Web Forms Manager is HIPAA-compliant, helping Payers secure the information submitted in its online forms.

Increase the Ease of Submitting Forms

The Web Forms Manager equips Payers to create a form submission process that is relevant, intuitive, and efficient. Payers will have:

  • Configurable form workflows and questions
  • Targeted display of forms based on customer and user type
  • Downloads of form submissions in a CSV
  • Integration with HPS’ Online Enrollment and Document Management tools

How It Works

The Web Forms Manager helps Payers facilitate form submission in just a few steps.

Step 1


Payers create and post forms in their portal

Step 2


Users easily access and submit forms inside the Payer’s portal

Step 3


Payers download the data submitted in the forms

Step 4


Payers enjoy more free time and fewer manual efforts


The Web Forms Manager helps Payers remove and prevent the backlogs that come from missing documentation. By making important forms easy to access and submit, Payers can facilitate faster form submissions and reduce follow up efforts for unsubmitted forms.

When Payers organize form submissions in their portal, they won’t just collect documentation faster. They will also be equipped to keep their healthcare processes moving.

To drive fast and efficient form submissions using the Web Forms Manager, schedule a demo.

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