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Health Trust Uses Mobile Enrollment for Rapid COVID-19 Response

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Project Case Study

The Challenge

Several people suffered from job loss and layoffs during the COVID 19 pandemic. This was particularly the case for plan members belonging to this health trust client. As their members’ spouses and children became increasingly without employment and insurance, this client leveraged their online enrollment to quickly enroll those family members in healthcare coverage during the global pandemic.

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Our Solution

As COVID 19 took foothold in the United States, this client set up HPS’ online enrollment to be accessible to their members. They quickly emailed their more than 19,000 plan holders with links to their online enrollment and instructions for adding unemployed family members to the primary’s healthcare plan.

In a matter of minutes, members could use a computer or mobile device to enroll spouses and dependents to receive healthcare coverage. As the client received these new enrollment requests, they rapidly reviewed and approved the requests and then processed the new enrollments. The family members struggling with lack of insurance coverage now were able to rest easy knowing they were covered under the primary plan member’s plan.

The Results

During COVID 19, this client quickly adapted to a growing need for dependent healthcare enrollment. Using HPS’ mobile enrollment, this client facilitated more than 150 dependent enrollments in the first 40 days. Members submitted these enrollments online from the safety and security of their home, a must during nationwide quarantines and social distancing.

Why Health Portal Solutions Was the Best Choice

HPS’ online enrollment is a highly configurable solution that can be set up and deployed at a moment’s notice, without software development or involvement of internal IT staff. All online workflows can be tailored to the individual user, driving a personalized, simplified online experience for enrollees.

HPS’ online enrollment is also completely mobile optimized, letting members submit enrollments from their smartphone, tablet, or computer, whether at home or at work. This versatility provides a high level of convenience and drives stronger usability.

About Our Mobile Enrollment

HPS’ Online Enrollment is a rules-based solution that creates targeted online enrollment experiences and workflows for Members, Employers, Brokers, and Healthcare Payers. It’s equipped with scalable administrative tools that empower Payers to drive efficiency for open enrollment, new hire enrollment, and ongoing qualifying events. Online enrollment combines the flexibility of enrollment management with a highly personalized, mobile-based experience for enrollees.

HPS Client Success Story - Enrollment COVID 19

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