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Third Party Administrator Cuts Monthly Invoicing Time in Half

Time savings from the online Invoice Management tool

Project Case Study

The Challenge

An HPS client struggled every month when invoicing its clients. Using an entirely manual process, this client’s accounting department spent several days each month emailing invoices in a secure email portal. It would also spend additional time each month re-emailing invoices to its customers and manually following up with hundreds of clients individually to get the invoices approved.

Burdened by so many manual invoicing processes and so little to show for them, this client reached out to HPS for help.

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The Solution

Understanding the importance of automation for invoicing workflows, HPS designed an invoice management tool that helped this client reduce manual efforts and centralize access to invoices online. The client could easily post invoices in their portal, which would generate an automatic notification to the employer prompting them to log into the portal to approve it.

Employers would look up invoices using a login account they were already using – their login for the portal. Along with benefits
& enrollment data, employers could easily look up invoices 24/7. This client and their employers also had a permanent record of each invoice and the associated documents.

The Results

By using the portal to distribute and follow up on invoices, this client cut their monthly invoice management time in half. Rather than manually following up on outstanding invoices, the portal automated the follow up processes. It also eliminated the time and costs of maintaining a separate secure email portal for sending invoices.

Why Health Portal Solutions was the Best Choice

With a strong focus on process automation, HPS is an experienced partner for streamlining accounting workflows. HPS’ portals are designed to bring all disparate business processes into one secure platform, making it easy for Payers to mesh the different parts of plan management in one place.

The HIPAA-compliant HPS portal is also a natural fit for consolidating Payers’ invoice documents, because it lets Payers protect their invoice data along with their health plan data and personal health information.

About Our Invoice Management Solution

The Invoice Management solution makes client invoicing faster, more organized, and more secure. By automating invoice follow up and tracking, this solution helps accounting departments move invoicing processes forward without taking as many steps.

With configurable notifications and accessible communication tools, the invoice management can be used easily without prior technical expertise.

Invoice Management Success Story-20200611

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