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Four Key Ways to Engage Members Through Mobile

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Four Key Ways to Engage Members Through Mobile

When it comes to mobile, the success of your business isn’t just about being able to say you have a mobile solution. It’s about offering a mobile solution that engages your users, encourages use, and enables stronger communication with them.

As technology continues to advance and as your company considers how to engage members through mobile technology, here are 4 key tips to keep in mind:

Make it Easy

If it’s not easy to use, members won’t use it.  That’s why there’s a greater movement towards portals that are “responsive” to mobile devices. Responsive web portals automatically resize to fit the screen of the user’s mobile device, making it easy for members to use the portal regardless of what device they’re logging in from. Also, because responsive portals are accessed through a browser, members no longer have to worry about downloading an app, installing app updates, or researching whether they have the right device for the app. By making the mobile experience easy for your members, they’ll be more comfortable interacting with your company through mobile portals rather than phone calls.

Provide Convenience

Experiencing a convenient service for the first time is like a breath of fresh air. It excites you and energizes you to continue using that service again. As a result, providing a convenient experience through mobile is critical for promoting ongoing utilization. Mobile portals should let members submit documents or information using the camera on the smartphone or tablet. They should let members access all portal functionality rather than just a few functions. If your member’s mobile experience is convenient, they’ll consider your company as one that understands their needs, and they’ll come back to use your technology often.

Communicate Their Way

Everyone has preferences for how they’d like to receive communications. Some would prefer to receive healthcare and portal updates through email; some would prefer to receive them through text. Whatever the case may be, the mobile portal should offer multiple communication types and let your users choose the method they’d prefer. By letting them pick their preferences, members will be more engaged and your company will get better responses when you communicate with them.

Mobile Branding

When engaging your members, don’t let them forget who they’re engaging with. Just like your public website, your mobile portal must be completely branded and graphically aligned with your corporate brand. That way when members have an easy online experience, when they can conveniently accomplish tasks, and when they receive communications that fit their preference, they’ll think of your company and the quality of the services you provide.

Going mobile isn’t just about having a mobile solution. It’s about having a mobile solution that will engage your members and therefore increase communications, fuel efficient use of technology, and strengthen the way you interact with them.

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