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When you’re reviewing enrollment change submissions, it’s now easier for you to identify what changes were requested by the user. Find out how!

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Audio Description of Video

[Title: New Tools & Tips – Enrollment Change Log]

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HPS has added an Enrollment Change Log to help you review enrollment changes submitted in your portal.

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When enrollment changes are submitted by your users, it is now easier for you to identify what details have been changed.

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For example, let’s say a member moved and submitted an address change in your portal.

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When you review the enrollment transaction, you’ll see a grid comparing the original address to the new one.

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As another example, let’s say a member had a baby and added a dependent online.

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When you review the enrollment, you’ll see the dependent identified as “New.” You’ll also be able to compare the old and new coverage elections after the dependent was added.

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The Enrollment Change Log will enable you and your team to review, identify, and approve enrollment changes more quickly and easily.

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Log into your portal today to take advantage of this new enhancement. Contact HPS Support with any other questions.

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