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Health Portal Solutions Announces Multilanguage Portal Capabilities

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Health Portal Solutions Announces Multilanguage Portal Capabilities

December 16, 2014 – San Antonio, TX – Health Portal Solutions (HPS), a San Antonio, TX- based web portal developer, announced today the newest enhancement to its online portal solutions – Multilanguage display.

Web Portal users can now have the ability to select a language preference while navigating through the portal. After making the selection, the online tabs, descriptions, and labels will display in the selected language.

In addition, the web portal can import data that is already in another language and display it online, allowing users to better understand the healthcare information being presented.

“We understand the need for companies to communicate in a global market,” said President/CEO James Burkholder. “By adding these multilingual options, our customers will be able to provide vital information in a way that their users can relate to.”

HPS’ Web Portals allow providers, employees, employers, brokers, and other key parties to access crucial healthcare information, all in one secure online location. The addition of the multilingual options is part of HPS’ efforts to help its clients grow and succeed in a diverse, global market.

“We engage with our customers on a regular basis to determine how we can grow and expand our Web Portal to better meet their needs,” said Burkholder. “Our Web Portal template is not a ‘one-size fits all’ option. It is tailored specifically to the needs of each client. We will continue to grow the Web Portal’s abilities and options as our customers’ needs evolve.”

In addition to the newly added language options, HPS Web Portals also offer the ability to upload multilingual documents for users to download. Also, HPS’ online live chat allows clients to communicate with users via instant messaging and translates chat messages in the event that the user speaks another language.


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