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5 Ways Online Enrollment Saves You Time

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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5 Ways Online Enrollment Saves You Time

Enrollment season can be time-consuming not only for enrollees, but for HR representatives, brokers, and Payers as well. Stacks of paper, lost forms and confused enrollees are a commonality during enrollment, taking up precious time.

Here are 5 ways Online Enrollment can save you time:

1. No Paper

Ever have trouble reading someone’s handwriting on a paper enrollment form? By eliminating paper with online enrollment, your team will spend less time following up on applications that are hard to read. And you’re saving time from having to print and distribute all the paper packets to employees.

2. Complete Forms Only

Online Enrollment forms cannot be submitted until they are completely filled out, saving you time from following up with employees to get missing information.

3. Upload Enrollment Documents

When filling out online enrollment forms, users can upload documents to submit with their enrollment application (such as marriage certificates or birth certificates). This allows the enrollment to be submitted along with all required documentation. As a result, your team will spend less time following up with enrollees to get the required documentation.

4. Eligible Coverage Selection

When selecting coverage online, enrollees will only be able to see coverage options that they’re eligible for. As a result, this takes the guesswork out of what types of coverage do/don’t apply and saves you time from having to explain the various options to confused enrollees.

5. Automatic Enrollment Updates

After enrollments are submitted and approved online, the portal will transmit all the enrollment data into the claim adjudication system, to a carrier, or to another party who’s processing the enrollments. This saves you time from manually keying in online enrollment data into the appropriate processing system.

Beyond all this, tools such as enrollment reporting, secure email with enrollees, and document management can help your company streamline your entire enrollment process through a single, easy-to-use online system.

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