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Why Flexible Online Enrollment Matters to Payers

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Why Flexible Online Enrollment Matters to Payers

Over the past few years, Payers have learned the importance of being flexible and nimble in a constantly changing healthcare environment. And now as we anticipate even more changes in healthcare, the need to be flexible is as important as ever.

Online enrollment can play a key role in helping Payers quickly adapt and adjust to change. In fact, here are the top reasons why flexible online enrollment solutions are valuable to Payers.


Faster Accommodation of Plan Changes

As plan coverages and the rules behind eligibility shift (again), it’s critical that Payers can quickly adjust for those changes in their online enrollment tool. Online enrollment should enable Payers to easily add or modify coverages and rules that will help enrollees determine what they’re eligible for. A flexible online enrollment tool will empower Payers to make these modifications on the fly without software development or the assistance of their technology vendor.

Continuing the Tailored Online Experience

Each employer group wants an online experience customized to their specific enrollment requirements. Consequently, a Payer’s objective is to meet these client demands and cater to the uniqueness of their needs. With a flexible online solution, Payers can easily tailor enrollment forms, workflows, and webpage content to create online experiences that meet the unique needs of each individual group.

Nimble Ways to Share Enrollment Data

How should enrollment data be sent to your vendors or systems? Some might require an 834, some might need a flat file, and with all of that said, those requirements may change again. A robust online enrollment tool should provide you multiple options for securely transmitting enrollment data so that no matter what the requirement is, you can meet those requirements quickly and nimbly.

Easy Ways to Incorporate Voluntary

One of the prominent employee benefit trends is the growing importance of voluntary benefits. Programs such as telemedicine, identity protection, and pet insurance are used more and more to attract and retain a strong employee base. When benefit plans grow and expand, a flexible online enrollment tool should also expand so that you can seamlessly combine voluntary benefit enrollment with the core benefit enrollment.

Adapting to Changing Roles in Enrollment Season

As healthcare has evolved, so have the roles of the people involved in the enrollment process. When the roles of members, employers, brokers, and your staff change, an adaptable online enrollment tool will enable all these parties to access and use online enrollment in a way that enables them to fulfill their role effectively and productively.


With more healthcare changes on the way, is your company prepared to adapt to them? Will your online enrollment tool support you as you adapt and change with evolving healthcare requirements? Enrollment season may be a few months off, but it’s not that far away. Make sure your company is prepared and flexible enough to adapt and thrive under the changes coming.


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