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Five HPS Support Services You May Not Know About

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Five HPS Support Services You May Not Know About

Whenever you buy a new computer, you have to decide whether to buy the support package. You wrestle with whether to chance it and skip the support charge or whether to play it safe and pay the extra fee for support.

With HPS, you don’t have to make that choice, because client support is part of your web portal solution. Beyond helping with bug fixes and enhancements, HPS’ Support Services offer your company much more than you may think. Here are 5 other Support Services that benefit HPS clients.


Toll Free User Support Line

Do you have a plan member who needs help creating a portal account? Or a provider whose account is locked? HPS can resolve all these issues on your behalf. We have a toll-free user support line that your portal users call to resolve a variety of portal-related questions, from portal account questions to browser compatibility. Because our User Support Team addresses these needs, HPS alleviates your portal-related calls so you can focus on the issues that you handle best.

24/7 Monitoring

HPS has numerous methods for monitoring your web portal. Firstly, we use a variety of programs for continually monitoring the security of your site, detecting threats, and preventing unwanted hacking. But beyond security, we also monitor all files coming to your portal and going from your portal. Whether it’s claim system files, prescription data feeds, or enrollment files, if there’s an issue with the file, we’ll be notified and work with you quickly to troubleshoot the problem.


After your portal’s initial go-live, HPS is available for further training sessions with your staff. If you’ve experienced turnover, added more staff, or just need refresher training, HPS’ Support Team can help your users learn about the portal, how to manage it, and how to maximize utilization.

Configuration Services

The HPS portal is highly configurable, affording clients an immense amount of customizability, flexibility, and scalability. While HPS trains you on how to configure the portal, we can also do your portal configurations on your behalf. This can save your staff time, give you peace in knowing your portal is being maintained, and ensures you make the most of the configurability of your portal.

Marketing Support

The only thing better than a secure, customized, integrated portal is heavy utilization. That’s why HPS provides each client privately-branded communication materials to help them promote their portal and fuel ongoing utilization. Only through regular logins and portal use will businesses gain the full value of the web portal solution. That’s why we aim to help you get the utilization you need for a strong ROI.


There’s so much more to HPS than software, integration, and customizability. Your business gets the full support package that enables you to be successful with using and leveraging the portal for future growth and profitability.

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