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Maintain Consistency Online During a System Conversion

Posted on by Jenny Wan
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Maintain Consistency Online During a System Conversion

Updated and revised on October 12, 2023

The employee benefits industry is constantly changing. As laws, trends, and demands change, we are forced to change with it, and that includes changing the technology we use.

Just because you’re changing technology doesn’t mean that it has to be disruptive to your end users. By using an integrated web portal, your company can maintain consistent communications with your users, regardless of which systems you are running behind the scenes.

HPS specializes in integrating disparate vendors and systems into one privately-branded portal. Here are the 3 most common scenarios in which we help clients communicate consistently during a system conversion.

1. Carrier or Claim System Change

Are you switching carriers? Or perhaps you administer your own benefits and are converting to a new claim system. In either of those cases, the web portal helps companies maintain a sense of cohesiveness with their online users. We map your new claim data feed to the web portal, enabling users to see the new claims data along with the old. Since your users are already familiar with your portal, they can see all their claim data without noticing the changes in claim processing behind the scenes. This makes it seamless for the end user while also keeping claim inquiry calls down for your staff.

2. Adding or Changing PBMs

Adding or changing Prescription Benefit Managers (PBMs) is a pretty regular occurrence. Thankfully, the web portal can be used to establish a sense of consistency as you present disparate prescription data to your users. Because HPS maps to so many PBMs, we can display data from multiple PBMs in one place, on the same web page where your users always find that information. This way your users (including your staff) can easily see all their related prescription data, regardless of which PBM the data is coming from.

3. Adding or Changing Third Party Vendors

The most frequent technology changes we see come from third party programs. As healthcare trends evolve, vendors for wellness, telemedicine, or cost transparency come out of the woodwork every day. And as your preferences and objectives change, periodically you’ll to switch to a new vendor. In these cases, the portal makes it very easy to make the switch online without creating confusion for your end users. Through our standard vendor integration process, HPS can remove access to a former vendor while presenting the new program for employees to take advantage of. As a result, when you’re ready to kick off the new program, the portal will be ready to back you up.

Regardless of what system or vendor you have behind the scenes, the web portal should look and work the same way to those logged in. With the HPS web portal, your company can maintain a high level of consistency as you interact with your users, even if you’re on one system today and another one tomorrow. During your system conversions, lean on HPS to ensure a smooth transition and a seamless online experience for your users.

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